Individual Psychotherapy

Individual psychotherapy for any individuals experiencing feelings of low mood, anxiety, depression, hopelessness, loss, grief or who are just curious to learn more about themselves.

Personal development programmes for small groups, one-off workshops or longer programmes for groups. Kate has extensive experience of facilitating personal development groups for children, adolescents and adults.

Group personal development programmes are bespoke as they are tailored for each unique group. They focus on various areas of personal development and psychological wellbeing such as:

  • Increasing self-awareness - getting to know yourself better

  • Recognising your needs and asserting these needs in positive ways

  • Setting and maintaining healthy boundaries in personal relationships

  • Discovering your attachment style in parenting and relationships

  • Clarifying your true values

  • Fostering resilience

Kate strives to ensure a safe, trusting and confidential group space is created in each group.

Group Personal Development

Personal development programmes for all levels of staff in the workplace environment delivered through talks / seminars, one-off workshops or ongoing coaching. Kate has extensive experience of working with both individuals and groups.

The programmes aim to foster personal development amongst staff which in turn can lead to greater efficacy, improved productivity and a more harmonious work environment.

Topics include:

  • Developing self-awareness and emotional intelligence ('EQ').

  • Fostering resilience in staff and teams

  • Creating and maintaining positive, professional boundaries in the workplace

  • Managing change in the workplace (e.g. change of management, mergers

Corporate Consultancy

Kate provides consultancy to print, digital and radio / media on the issues of mental health, psychotherapy & counselling and emotional and psychological wellbeing.

Media Consultancy